1. Will the content be editable in website?

Your website will be converted in a way that allows your content and images to be completely editable through the WordPress admin. Once you convert a website with us, it will be shipped with a plugin called Simple Live Editor.

2. What happens to my files? What about privacy and copyrights?

You retain all copyrights and privacy to your assets. We will not use your files for anything other than to debug errors that might occur.

3. How will I be billed?

Payment happens via PayPal. There are no contracts or hidden fees.

4. How does the conversion work for cms and e-commerce theming?

We organize all your html, css, images, javascript and other assets accordingly, parse the html and setup all the necessary functions and finally merge it with our high quality and well documented base theme. The base theme makes sure everything works out of the box and all you need to is activate the theme.

While parsing the html we also make sure your asset references work and in addition make sure all your text as well as images are editable for your convenience. Same site and content – just as an editable cms & e-commerce website version.

5. How do I get a quote?

You can always get a quote using the contact us page.

To get a quote for CMS/eCommerce, please visit our perticular serice page and enter your project brief. The quote will be provided within 1-2 business days, depending on the complexity of the project.

The quote can be revised based on the simplicity or complexity of the pages you provide and the options you choose for your project.

6. What is your turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time for one HTML / CSS page is 8 working hours. Each additional page associated with the same project takes 3–8 working hours, depending on the complexity and specifications of the order. We start work on the project only after all the details are crystal clear between you and our project manager.

When posting an order you will see the approximate delivery date. Please note that it may change depending on the complexity and specifications of your order. You can also choose the expedited service, at an additional cost, to speed up delivery.

Also, please note:
Designs utilizing JPEG, GIF, AI, PNG, non-layered PSD files generally will also take longer to deliver.
Designs utilizing AI / EPS / inDD etc. formats will be converted into PSD and will require your confirmation before proceeding with the markup. Please note that this may take additional time. Please also make sure that you enclose all the external images and fonts used in your AI / EPS file.

CMS/eCommerce basic integration is scheduled separately from HTML / CSS markup, depending on the functionality required and usually takes 2–3 business days. The ETA for website development projects is provided upon thoughtful investigation with the quote.

7. What if I want some changes to the completed markup?

You are always welcome to send over a list of changes you want to be made. We are happy to help you with minor amendments, even if they are not included in your original project specifications. Where the updates were not originally discussed and require a great deal of effort, the changes will be quoted separately.

We are always happy to help you with updates to your project far into the future. We never neglect our clients after delivering the final markup, since it is important to us to create a close collaborative partnership with our clients.

8. What browsers do you support?

We create code according to W3C standards, and our markup is displayed correctly in all popular modern browsers.

The QA Team tests the web pages in the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Edge and Opera by default for all packages.

9. Do you test the projects on Mac OS or Windows?

We test completed project in all platforms before handing oer to you.

10. How can I contact you ?

You can contact us through email, skype, web contact form, live chat or through phone.

11. For how long do you keep the backup of the files ?

We keep backup of the files upto 6 months from the date of delivery.

12. What are the formats that you deal with ?

You can supply your files in any of the following formats : Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Muse, Indesign, Figma, Zeplin, InVision, Illustrator, Fireworks, Adobe Reader, Sketch, EPS , JPG and TIFF.

13. What is your regular turnaround time ?

Our standard turnaround for single page Xhtml project is of 1 days.

* The turnaround highly depends on the size and complexity of the project. The turnaround may vary with every additional page and the additional requirements to be implemented in the project. The timeline takes effect after all the order details have been cleared.

We also handle urgent projects, however, expedited delivery will increase the total cost. For more information on the same, you can contact us on info@technovirt.com. Share your requirement, and we will let you know the cost of your project.

14. What are the versions of the CMS you provide?

We work with the latest stable release of the CMS (available at the project start point) by default. If you need compatibility with any other versions of the CMS, please notify us about it in the Notes or Client Area. We create themes for Magento Community Edition as well.

15. Do you proide support if any major issues happend to the site.

Normally client needs to check whole site properly before we handing oer the setup on their serer. Still if any normal issue happens then we will fix it. If any major issue happens then we are happy to support our products on a paid basis upon your request.